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Aug 20

Rome in August

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Fontana dell'Acqua Paola I don’t recommend visiting Rome in the summer, especially August.  Many businesses are closed, the Romans have fled to the seaside to work on their tans and it is simply troppo caldo (too hot).

But if you do come a few things you can enjoy are less traffic, a reduced chance of being sideswiped by a car or scooter, unlimited amounts of gelato, beautiful parks that offer a cool refuge from the city center and lots of cultural events.

Gelato Gelato Villa Doria Pamphili

Another benefit is free water.  There are more than 2,000 nasones (water fountains or literally big noses) pouring fresh water from the Apennine Mountains to water drinkers throughout the city.  Pure as a mineral water and high in calcium, some consider this water the best in Italy, so fill up a bottle and enjoy anytime.

Nasone Nasone Trastevere Nasone Trastevere Water

GelatoFor a little Roman summer escape of your own you can enjoy these images but if you live in New York and want a small taste of summer in Rome fly yourself down to il laboratorio del gelato.  You may not have the animated scene of a Roman gelateria but you will have some of the tastiest gelato outside of Rome.

And if you are lucky enough to be in Paris don’t miss the gelato chain Amorino, bringing a love of Italian gelato straight to the hearts of Parisians.  Amorino’s gelato not only tastes great but a beautiful floral presentation makes every bite even more inviting.

GelatoIf you have a favorite gelato destination feel free to share your recommendation by submitting a comment, so we can all enjoy a taste of summer in Rome.



Aug 08


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Streets Roma (Rome) is the antithesis of New York…streets have little organization, the pace is slow (other than cars and scooters zipping by), food is a constant topic of conversation and at times the city can be completely unruly.

Say Roma backward and you have amore (love)!


TrastevereRome isn’t for everyone, the lack of organization and efficiency alone could drive the average New Yorker insane, but the city’s long history, hidden corners, and delicious food keep me coming back.

As a visitor I rarely want to leave.

When starting a visit to Rome…the best is to start slow.

I hope these images of Rome will offer you a little escape to slow down your day… which is probably speeding by at warp speed.

Vatican Car Piazza Navona Roma Panorama Caffe and CornettoStreets




IMG_1013I was hoping to post more from the South of France but I had some major technical challenges.

IMG_1298Happily…here are a few more highlights for you to enjoy with a big thank you to Mapi and Claudine for another great girls weekend.

…And a very special thank you to Richard, who helped save my photos so I could continue posting.  Merci Richard!!!!!

Aix en Provence…culture, food and yes a little shopping…

IMG_0968 IMG_0992 IMG_1099 IMG_1098
IMG_1102 IMG_0996 IMG_0980 IMG_0976 IMG_0979 IMG_0981

Another Village Inconnu… no restaurant, 2 bars, 1 boulangerie (bakery), 1 epicerie (small supermarket), 1 newstand and a lot of beautiful homes all link together in a winding hilltop town in the shape of a snail.

IMG_1154 IMG_1167 IMG_1146IMG_1179 IMG_0914
Our Chambre D’Hote (Bed & Breakfast), a refuge for rest and relaxation…

Leslie 126 IMG_0905 IMG_0906IMG_0899 IMG_0814

The seaside Village of Cassis – I think the pictures say it all…

IMG_1272 IMG_1278 IMG_1359 IMG_1344 IMG_1331IMG_1327 IMG_1361IMG_1279

The Team!

Leslie 136

Bye Girls!!!  See you next year!!!Leslie 179

Bises (Kisses)


Aug 05

Language Lessons

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Cafe SignI have been sprinkling French words in my postings and Italian will soon follow.

The idea of speaking a foreign language, especially French or Italian, usually excites people, “Oh la la….French!”.   For me speaking a foreign language is pure enjoyment.

Pain au ChocolatPeople are usually suprised when I tell them I was a horrible French student, my parents can vouch.  I was consistently tutored to pass required high school and college coursework…but a trip to France changed everything.

I can’t really say what changed me during that first visit except I couldn’t imagine not speaking French.  So I bought a phrase book, called my parents and announced “I am going to speak French.”.  My mother kindly asked if this was her daughter.

Road Sign MarseilleMy friend Dan says “Learning and speaking a foreign language is like exercise, you have to do it everyday to see the benefits”. He is right!

I am still a horrible student but I work at it almost everyday.  I love the ability to communicate in another language.  It is fear, joy and sometimes exhaustion all rolled in one.

Billboard RicardMoving forward you can click on the category Language Lessons to see all postings where I have used and translated words in French or Italian… to have a little language escape of your own.

In the future I hope to offer a word of the month, one in French and one in Italian…because who doesn’t enjoy saying a few words in a foreign language.

I hope you agree!