Sep 28

Signs of Friendship

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A true sign of friendship is when a friend can ask and tell you things you don’t want to hear.  These friends that push and challenge are showing they care.

For nearly two years my friend Mapie had been pushing my friend Claudine to do something special for her 40th birthday.

I sat through many conversations of serious lobbying but Claudine wanted nothing to do with the idea, I just wanted a date.

As Claudine’s birthday got closer Mapie stopped bugging her and Claudine was relieved that Mapie had let go of the idea… Not really.

Top Secret Project CS (Claudine Saccard) was launched in June.  A surprise party that Mapie would organize with Claudine’s partner Richard, her close friend Michelle, Jean and twenty more close friends and family.

I was told about the project during my June vacation and after some debating couldn’t resist being in on the surprise.

There was some concern that Claudine would be not be happy about the surprise – but worth the risk.

As you can see from the pictures and the video mission accomplished.

Happy Birthday Claud!!!!!


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  1. Saccard Christine says:

    Great job Leslie!!! I just saw the videos. It totally recaptures the magic of that special evening. And your pictures are so good!!!
    Before leaving on Sunday, I had a last look at your Edgar photos that Clau has displayed on her book shelf. You surely know how to touch people’s hearts. My Mom was also so delighted with your gift. Thank you so much Leslie!!! And please, keep updating your blog as you do. I am such a big fan of your work. Bisous. Christine

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