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My French Boyfriend

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French Boyfriend

French BoyfriendOur long distance relationship is challenging but we have a lot in common. We both like the goodies at the boulanger, we really like le goûter (an afternoon snack of preferably Mamie Morissette’s homemade cookies) and sitting at outdoor cafes enjoying a coffee – usually his idea because he gets the cookie not the bad coffee.

French BoyfriendMy French boyfriend also likes verifying how his picture looks on my camera’s LCD screen, “Ouaiss, c’est bien.” (Yeah, it’s nice) and asking questions like “Est-ce que c’est l’appareil de ton marie?” (Is that your husband’s camera?)… sometimes it’s better to just respond “Oui”.

French BoyfriendI usually visit Clermont in July to celebrate his birthday but this past Sunday he celebrated without me.  He had requested a camera for his birthday and Papa came through with a low-cost digital camera.  His Mom reported the camera hasn’t left him since and Sunday night he told his parents “Je fais comme Leslie” (I’m like Leslie) and he started snapping pictures of all the plates of food on the dinner table.

French Boyfriend

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