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Visiting The Sites of Bali

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Bali T-Shirt Bali is an island of extremes, whether the heat drenched beaches or cool lush mountains.

There is no mass transportation in Bali, so a car, motorbike or guided tour is the only way to discover the island’s beauty.  Just 95 miles wide – it is worth venturing off the pristine beaches to take in the island’s culture and deep rooted traditions.

Scooter Riders in Kuta Scooter Riders in Kuta

Here is a small glimpse of some of the sites.

Lush rice paddy terraces offer some of the most spectacular scenery.

Rice PaddiesRice Paddies

The congested city of Kuta brings together locals and visitors as tourist central. Servicing visitors with hotels, guided tours, restaurants, shopping, motorbike rentals and famed beaches.  I was overwhelmed by all the scooters that function as cheap transportation for both visitors and locals.

Kuta Kuta

Volcanic Mount Batur, Abane and Agung, and the northern lakes are a paradise for hikers or visitors seeking spectacular views.

Lake Buyan

Fashionable venues as the Klapa Beach Center offer pristine pools, romantic views and a cool reprieve from the heat.

Klapa Infinity Pool IMG_0925

Klapa at Dreamland Beach

Balinese temples as the royal Taman Ayun temple in Mengwi and traditional dance performances are fascinating as Balinese Hindu traditions remain an integral part of the culture.

Taman Ayun Temple Ulu Dano Temple Taman Ayun Temple

Balinese Traditional Dance

Our guide from Bali Kontak was great.  French and English speaking Bali Kontak provides customized tours for small groups.  Their services are personalized so whether you are a student on a budget, importing local goods, or relocating to Bali, Bali Kontak can help.

Bali Kontak Guide


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  1. Mapie says:

    Nice :-) it’s snowing at Paris…

  2. Leslie says:

    Thanks Mapie, It is snowing here in New York too. We are expecting a blizzard :-).

  3. BAMBOO says:

    Dear Leslie,
    Aliain et moi Bamboo , manager de BaliContact / Balokontak te remercions pour tes compliments sur les services que nous offrons.
    La decouverte de Bali avec Erwin est un moment inoubliable….il aime accueillir des invites ….on le voit sur la photo que tu as prise d’Erwin .
    Merci de toute l’equide Balicontact/Balikontak

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