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Balinese Offerings

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Balinese OfferingOther than the melting sun the most consistent site in Bali are  Balinese offerings called “canang sari”, you can’t miss them.  They line sidewalks, doorways of stores, homes, and hotels, sit on top of shrines and are clipped onto cars and scooters.

Balinese OfferingOfferings are made by locals several times a day.  They are small baskets filled with flowers, rice, crackers, money or an occasional candy bar.  A fragrant stick of inscense is often burning next to them.

Balinese Offering

Balinese OfferingThese carefully arranged baskets are a ritual of giving back what has been given to you by the Gods, a demonstration of gratitude to the richness of life.  Offerings appease the spirits and bring prosperity and good health.

Balinese OfferingFor the Balinese this ritual, a duty and an honor, helps ensure a balanced life is maintained through harmonious relationships between people, spirits and nature.


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