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Jersey City Bird on a Perch

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Bird on a Perch In a previous life I exercised almost daily.  I ran, swam and sometimes did yoga before arriving at the office.   But during a period of exhaustion, from too many flights and not enough rest, the exercising stopped and I never went back.   The thought of working out was like a child eating broccoli, yuck, no way, hate it, you can’t make me do it.

Bird on a Perch

But last December, during an extended period of I think my pants shrunk at the dry cleaner, a friend recommended pilates.  Normally I would have ignored the suggestion but this friend likes to eat as much as I do and hates exercising (almost as much as me).   She said her trainer Monica was the best and would really kick my $%@^.  Getting my butt kicked was of no interest, but I made an appointment for an initial try.

Bird on a Perch

To my surprise, I loved it.  Pilates combined deep stretching with a focus on strengthening using machines or props that force you to focus on each move.   But a good trainer is key and Monica gently keeps you working, while watching and checking with precision your alignment.  When I’m done with a session I’m more relaxed, stand taller and often feel like I’ve just had a massage.

Bird on a Perch Bird on a Perch

Monica teaches in New York at Chelsea Movements, located on 7th Avenue between 20th and 21st Streets, four days a week including Saturdays.  The studio is small but welcoming and offers a mix of private and group sessions.

But in addition to Chelsea Movements Monica has recently opened Bird on a Perch in Jersey City.  A home sun filled studio, in walking distance of Exchange Place, with pilates equipment and props by Balanced Body.

Bird on a Perch Bird on a Perch

Bird on a Perch hours are Monday through Saturday by appointment and the Introductory Pack at $65 (2 sessions for the price of 1) is a steal.  As at Chelsea Movements, Bird on a Perch accepts cash, checks and major credit cards.

So if you are ready to loosen up and strengthen up while trying something new, I highly recommend Monica for pilates training.  You won’t be disappointed.



Chelsea Movements – 175 7th Avenue, New York, NY  Tel  (212) 414-1103

Bird on a Perch – 194 Washington Street, Jersey City, NJ Tel (646) 549-1663

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  1. RAchel says:

    Monica is my teacher at Chelsea Movements. I started as a beginner. She explained things clearly, with mental images. She didn’t give me too much information or too many things to focus on — she really got me focused. I have continued working with her for the past few months and really feel a difference in my body. I would highly recommend her!

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