Oct 11

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Photo Manhattan NY Earlier this year I upgraded from a digital point and shoot camera to a digital SLR (short and fancy for digital single lens reflex).  It has been amazing!

Photo Manhattan NY

I still use and adore my digital point and shoot.  It is small, easy to use and takes amazing photos, but my digital SLR, although bigger and not so convenient to carry (especially when biking), allows me to be more creative.

Photo Manhattan NY

I started a photography class in June at PhotoManhattan to better understand my SLR, but due to an extended summer vacation I’m just finishing my class now.

Photo Manhattan NY Photo Manhattan NY Photo Manhattan NY Photo Manhattan NY

It has been hard, but after six months, a lot of practice and my teacher Aubrey, I’m finally feeling connected to my SLR.  Aubrey has been fantastic!  Like a good boss, she cares, keeps us motivated and on our toes, and doesn’t except excuses from her students.  She would kick-ass at a few poorly managed companies I know.

Photo Manhattan NY

So this is to share with you a few images from my class to enjoy and thank Aubrey for being a great teacher.



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